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Pet Insurance For Cats

Ten years ago if you were told to get pet insurance for cats you own, you would have laughed it off.  The idea of insuring your pet whether its a cat or dog would have ranked high on the list of things you don't need to shell out money for.  But times are changing.  How we treat our pets eventually comes back to us.

If we treat them properly they return our affection through their companionship, loyalty, love, and protection which is why these days, you can't just laugh off the idea of getting pet insurance for cats you have.

Here are some of the reasons why you should insure your cat.

Pet Insurance for Cats1) It is important that cats are vaccinated every year because cat diseases easily spread and can cause fatality to your pet. Some known cat diseases are herpes, feline leukemia, and cat flu.

2) Cats like dogs need the same care and attention the difference is cats don't have to be walked with or without a leash like dogs. Like dogs, you have to take your cats to the vet regularly for checkups, dental care, deworming, grooming, and flea treatments.

3) Unlike dogs who will always make a fuss, cats are secretive when they become ill or if there is something wrong with them which is why vets use certain testing procedures to find out what the problem is. Testing procedures mind you can be pricey.

4) Cats can get into lots of mischief especially when they are allowed to wander outside the home. These animals do get into accidents where they would end up with fractures, or have their leg bones dislocated or worse, die.

5) A cat can suffer from diabetes too in fact this is a common disorder for this animal. Owners can control this disease via the following means: diet, oral medication, and giving insulin injections twice a day. The last item will hurt your pockets in the long run.

6) A certain percentage of pet owners who report their cat missing later find out it was a case of catnap after all.

Having pet insurance for cats saves you from the high cost of taking care of the vet bills and miscellaneous expenses due to the situations listed above. Without insurance you can potentially swim in debt or suffer the heartbreak caused by having to choose to have your precious cat put out.

Here are the things you should be aware of before getting your cat insured.

1) Get pet insurance for cats while they are still kittens because premiums for kittens are cheaper than that of mature cats.

2) Just like human insurance, cat insurance has limitations too such as age limit, pre-existing conditions, and maximum payout.

The last item means that if your cat needs medical attention, your insurance policy can possibly only assume a certain percentage of the entire bill, say 75 percent.

3) Sign up for a discount pet insurance policy that will cover most things that your cat will need such as surgeries, cancer treatments, vaccinations, checkups, and other miscellaneous testing procedures.

4) If tests are not covered, find out if the company offers discounts instead.

5) Always read the fine print and have a thorough discussion with the insurer regarding any questions you might have about you policy. This will help you avoid surprises later on when the time comes for you to make a claim from your pet insurance for cats insurer.