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Life Time Pet Insurance

Life Time Pet Insurance is one of those types of things that have various meanings from one company to the next.  You may think that the phrase life time pet insurance means that health care needs for your pet would be covered through its entire life.  In some cases that may not be true.


What is important to know is that this type of insurance, also referred to as life pet or life-long pet insurance can vary greatly from one company to the next. Generally, lifetime pet insurance is the most comprehensive type of insurance you can get, but what is covered can be quite different with various companies.

In general, here is what life time pet insurance covers. But remember, it can still vary depending on the company. Also, you will want to read carefully all details on the specific coverage you consider.

Very serious conditions like: heart problems, arthritis, diabetes or severe skin conditions are all generally covered with the life time policies.

There are not as many companies that offer this type of coverage, so it is advised to shop carefully and be armed with good questions. It is much easier to find companies that offer discount pet insurance than this life-long insurance.

You will want to understand if the coverage is good for multiple incidences. Ask if there is a maximum benefit amount and know what that is. Be sure you understand what the maximum you might ever have to pay.

Also, inquire how long the term of the policy will be for and if the rates will increase or stay the same when it is renewal time. Many will increase their rates depending on how much the insurance has been used.

Be very careful and understand exactly what type of events or conditions each company will cover for their life time plans. We have been speaking in general terms here. But it is important to understand exactly what the company will and will not cover. Some breeds of pets are more inclined to certain types of illnesses and you will want to know what these are and see if there will be lifetime coverage.

Because the veterinary science is advancing these days, the care given to pets is better than it has ever been. As a result, pets are living longer. If you are seeking life pet insurance you will want to make sure you know if the company will still cover your pet when it is older.

Most policies like this do cover older pets and factor the risk and costs into the premium you will pay. They understand that as the pet ages, that is the time you will be more likely to incur expensive medical care bills.

The important point, and this is where most insurance companies are the same, this lifelong insurance for your pet is dependent on you as the pet owner renewing the policy each year (or whenever it is due for renewal.) Some people forget and miss the renewal deadline and then they lose the coverage when they need it most. You want to avoid making this mistake at all cost.

So to recap, the important thing is to compare policies and make sure the life time pet insurance you are buying is best for your particular pet and what you perceive their needs will be through their life.