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Exotic Pet Insurance

Exotic pet insurance is something that is becoming more and more popular these days.  On this website you will find companies that offer insurance for pets that fall into the exotic category.

You will learn what exotic pet insurance is here and how to shop for it to make sure you get the policy that best meets your pets needs and at the best price.

According to most insurance companies, exotic pets are any animal other than a dog or cat. These types of pets can have ailments and health problems throughout their life, just like any other animal.

The problem is that because these types of pets generally have special care needs, the cost charged by the veterinarian can be quite high. For that reason the right kind of exotic pet insurance can be very helpful, yet be prepared to pay more than you would for typical discount pet insurance.

Most exotic insurance plans include: medical treatment for injuries, care for illnesses, hospitalization, lab fees, prescriptions, and x-rays. But you are advised to check carefully from one company to the next there may be slight differences.

Here are the various types of pets that are considered exotic and some of their main health challenges.


Birds are fragile and vulnerable to certain illnesses and health risks. Most of the care for birds will come from accidents where they become injured. Self-mutilation, feather picking, unclipped wings, neoplasia, neglect, water deprivation and mishandling are often problems with birds that need special health care services.


Pets in this category generally include the likes of: varying breeds of lizards, snakes, geckos, chameleons, turtles and iguanas. They have long life spans and their owners can become very attached. Digestive problems, egg binding, malnutrition, intestinal worms are common health problems they encounter.


Pets of this class have relatively short life spans compared to reptile pets. However, their owners can become just as attached and be concerned for their health care. Common breeds in this category include: guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters, chinchillas, and gerbils. This type of pet is fairly easy to care for and requires minimal maintenance. However, health concerns that are common here include: skin problems, nutritional problems, issues with teeth and gum infections and mishandling injuries.


Pot belly pigs are the most common type of exotic breed in this category. Though there are other breeds that are not as common. They include: Kunekune Pigs, Guinea Hogs, Feral Pigs, and Yucatan Pigs. Common health problems with pigs include: obesity and eating issues, respiratory and digestive concerns.


Fish are considered by insurance standards an exotic pet. Because of their delicate and fragile nature they can be difficult to insure. Yet there are some companies that will insure certain types of pet fish. Viral infections, Parasites, ammonia poisoning and harm done from other fish are very common health issues that frequent pet fish.

Exotic Pet Insurance Buying Help

 When shopping for exotic pet insurance it is best to understand the most common type of health issues your pet may encounter throughout its life and then compare from one company to the next what each company will cover and the costs.

Speak with a few local veterinarians and they will be best suited to advise you on preferred carriers for your exotic pet.

Also, inquire what the costs might be to pay for certain problems you pet may be prone to. Armed with this information you can make an informed decision on whether exotic insurance will be worthwhile and a good investment.